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About Blacktoes Coaching

Our programs utilize triathlon to help establish a GOAL. This is the first element for success. We also do extensive work with runners.

Once participants set that goal Blacktoes' coaches work closely to configure a training program and schedule, with constant feedback directly to the individual. Blacktoes has chosen to work closely with and harness plans from Matt Fitzgerald, writer, certified nutritionist and author of Iron Wars (a must read) and Triathlon Magazine’s Essential Week by Week training guide. Matt’s plans are tried, tested and well support by our team, with proven results.

Blacktoes’ then puts our added touch, as part of the configuration of a program, which is specific and unique to that person. We gather information and data prior to exercising. Items such as nutrition, VO2 max, body composition, prior fitness level and current habits are all key elements. Blacktoes combines physical coaching, in person workouts, with a virtual component to give our members the best of all worlds.

To provide this "in person" face to face coaching Blacktoes has also partnered with Cardel Place, a state of the art facility that is focused on the same philosophies as Blacktoes. Getting people in shape and enhancing health, wellness and quality of life!

Triathlon training the way it was meant to be!!